Heather Griffin

My name is Heather Griffin & I am a CVA1 and CVA2 at the clinic. My husband Mark and I have 5 children ages 4-16, 2 German Shepherds a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and numerous cats. I am currently studying to complete the last level of CVA and RVT. I majored in Associated Animal Science in high school and graduated Valedictorian. This particular course of study included canine, feline, equine, rodent, aviary, bovine and porcine and the industries to which they pertained. I narrowed my study to the fields of small animals specifically Canine Science. I continued my education by taking courses in Canine Behavior and Training at Mount Ida College. This course focused on dog training and behavior. Over the years I have worked for breeders, groomers and spent several years managing stores and training management at Petco.

Before AMC I was the Director of Children’s Ministries at First United Methodist Church Carthage. Our family is still very active at the church and my daughter and I enjoy singing in the band during contemporary worship.In my spare time I enjoy going to all of my kid’s games and activities, Bulldog football, church activities, working in the yard and playing with my dogs.